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Vetfit Virtual 2021 - Raising the Bar for Veterinary Wellbeing, Mental & Physical Health

Vetfit Virtual 2021 - Raise the Bar

A pioneering & wide-reaching virtual veterinary wellbeing event designed specifically to inspire, educate & support our growing, international Vetfit community.  

Pioneered by Vetfit

Supported by WellVet

On September 17th 2021, we will ‘Raise the Bar’ together for veterinary wellbeing, mental & physical health. Our mission is to reach every Wellbeing Champion in practice throughout the UK, so that all teams have the opportunity to benefit from this transformative, unique & inspiring CPD event.

We will ‘Raise the Bar’ to create space for supportive, inclusive, realistic & practical personal & team development to gain strength, both physically & mentally. This event is a day to inspire, educate, connect & support delegates to break down barriers between the veterinary profession & sport & exercise to improve both mental & physical health. You will leave the day with practical wellbeing tools & skills, & the motivation & support to put them into practise (& practice!)

We'll be joined by Keynote Speaker Alex Staniforth; record-breaking adventurer, endurance athlete, motivational speaker, author and founder of mental health charity Mind Over Mountains. Take a sneak peek on what's to come below!

Championing Others

Are you a leader? A manager? A wellbeing champion? Are you passionate about developing your team? Investing in your team's wellbeing improves productivity, client care, staff retention, team bonding, turnover, and reduces days off sick. By committing to your team, you are committing to your business. Join our 'Championing Others' sessions to learn more about how you can 'Raise the Bar' for veterinary wellbeing, mental and physical health in your team.

Championing Yourself

Are you ready to take control of your mental and physical health? There are so many benefits to improving your wellbeing. In our Vetfit study, we found that regular exercise had a significant impact on not only the physical health of our study group, but mental health and wellbeing too. By 'Raising the Bar' for veterinary wellbeing, you are not only improving your levels of stress, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of developing chronic disease, but also improving your adaptability, relationships, ability to cope with stress, and more. Join our 'Championing Yourself' sessions to learn more and develop practical tools to improve your wellbeing, mental and physical health.

What is Vetfit?

Vetfit is a research-based and instructor-led consultancy and service provider for the veterinary community. We deliver wellbeing programmes and educational resources, bespoke and tailored to meet individual, practice and team needs. We support teams with stress reduction through exercise and social support, leading to happier teams, increased staff retention and boosting recruitment prospects. Designed, tested and run by veterinary professionals for the veterinary sector.

Our mission

To inspire and educate the veterinary community to take control of their mental and physical health, through the application of exercise, social support, and evidence based management solutions.

Our Vision

To be the source of first-line interventions for everyone within the veterinary community who is dealing with daily work stresses & experiencing poor wellbeing.

To provide stress coping & management strategies to promote resilience & to prevent poor wellbeing. To eradicate the stigma of mental health issues by providing evidence-based management solutions.

Our Core Values

Passionate | Evidence-based | Professional | Inclusive | Confident | Fun

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